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About Us

Choosing a home inspector is a big deal since it involves examining possibly the largest purchase you will ever make.  I will always go out of my way to make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of the home and will still be there down the road if any questions arise.  I always try to put myself in your shoes and inspect each home as if it were my own.

Most larger inspection companies have numerous inspectors making it hard to know who you will get to conduct your inspection and how qualified they really are.  At Minneapolis Home Inspections, I am the owner and sole inspector so you know who you will be dealing with throughout the whole process.

I started Minneapolis Home Inspections in 2005.  I have a degree in Wood and Paper Science from the University of Minnesota and also received my initial engineering and inspection training through the U of M.  Before doing inspections, I worked in the building products industry for Georgia Pacific in Denver, CO.  Since moving back to Minnesota I have continued to strive to learn all I can about new homes and old homes alike.  I have done Truth is Sale inspections, HUD Inspections, Multi-Family and Public Housing Inspections, Commercial Inspections and draw inspections for new construction and major remodeling projects.  In addition to all of that, in my free time I like to renovate "fixer-uppers" to see, not just how to inspect homes, but how to properly build and maintain them. 


I'd love to help you with the inspection of your home, so please don't hesitate to call or email with any questions you may have.